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Aviation Concepts has developed solid Spares Pooling relationship with many International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP) Member Airlines. By dedicating several million dollars worth of rotable spare parts specifically for pooling use, the company has properly positioned itself in order to offer cost saving purchase-avoidance scenarios for its Pooling Partners.

Pooling has become an integral part of these carriers Asset Management decisions. There are many capital investments which can be avoided and we see no reason for any pooling customer of ours to buy certain spare outright and add them to their already inflated inventories. Pooling controls today’s out of pocket expenses, does not directly affect the Purchasing Budget and takes many years to amortize or realize the full outright sale value. We would be more than happy to make a full pooling presentation to your company and help you find a solid cost saving solution.

Pooling as part of the Spares pooling Acquisition Evaluation

An intricate and vital component of the spares acquisition process is the utilization of IATP Pooling.

The Allocations and Inventory Planning Departments should always consider IATP Pooling as part of the “Provisioning” and spares allocation model.

Contact your airline pooling administrator before any substantial capital expenditure is made to determine if a pool relationship is feasible. This is particularly important with the addition of the IATP supplier Technical Forum (STF) and all the additional resources they make available for pooling.

Avoid unnecessary capital expenditure by utilizing Supplier Provided Parts and the minimal pooling fees associated with the “STF” pooling process.

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